Academic 建议 Resources

What to expect from your advisor:

Academic and career advisors understand what will help students be successful throughout their academic experiences at PSU. Your advisor can help you:

  • Understand your graduation requirements and create a degree plan 
  • Access financial tools and resources and direct you to financial support services
  • Confirm your major choice and/or help you identify a major that suits your skills, 值, 利益, 和目标 
  • Explore careers (before you reach 90 credits, 或者在第一学期, if you are a transfer student)
  • Review your final graduation plan and apply for your degree


You are required to meet with your advisor at various points during your time at Portland State: 新 学生 Orientation, 在第一年, 在选择专业时, and before applying to graduate:

Complete your 新 学生 Orientation

In order to register for your first term's classes, you must participate in a 新 学生 Orientation. This is required for all new students, both freshmen and transfers. 看到 定位网站 浏览日期及详情. Advisors will provide you with the information you need to register for classes during the Orientation, but you are welcome to also schedule an appointment for more in-depth help. 

Meet with your advisor in your first two terms

You are required to meet with your assigned advisor during the first two terms of your first year. 在那之后, meet with them at least once a year to make sure you are continuing to make progress towards your degree. If there is no record that you met with your advisor, a hold will be placed on your account, and you will not be able to register for your third term.

申报专业 before you are a junior

If you are unsure of your major, enter the university as "exploratory" and select a 通路 根据你的兴趣. You must declare your major by 90 credits (or within your first term if transferring with 90 or more credits). Your advisor can help you explore your options.

申请学位 at least two terms prior to graduation

You must apply for your degree in your student account at least two terms prior to completing your requirements. Be sure to check in with your advisor as you approach your final year to confirm if you are taking the right classes for your degree.