Congratulations on being admitted to Portl和 State University! 你’re well on your way to becoming a Viking. There are a few steps you need to take before you will begin school at 事业单位. Review 和 complete the items below as soon as you 可以.



If you are ready to commit you 可以 confirm your enrollment 和 claim your Viking status by submitting the Enrollment Confirmation Form. Enrollment confirmation is required to sign up for 新生迎新, 固定电源ID卡, 注册课程.


Sign in to activate your 学生 (Odin) Account. For additional instructions on how to activate your account visit If you already have a 事业单位 学生 (Odin) Account, but 可以not log in to your application account, 查看以下说明 重置密码


新生迎新 is an essential part of your undergraduate college experience, 为成功奠定基础, ,是 required for all incoming undergraduate students. 新生迎新 will provide you with details about campus life, 学生服务, 学位要求, 和, 在完成, will provide you with course registration access for your first term.

Upcoming Orientation Dates (Click term for details)


If you do not want to interact with 事业单位 using your legal name, 您可以通过以下方式更新您的信息 事业单位选择的名称过程. 请填写 姓名覆盖表格 to tell us your chosen name 和 submit your completed form to the 酷儿资源中心 或者是 注册处. Completion of this process effectively replaces your legal name in 事业单位 systems so that your chosen name displays during your time here. 


Oregon law requires domestic students show evidence of immunity to measles before registering f或者是ir second term of enrollment.


联系 your school office to request an official copy of your final high school transcript to be sent to Portl和 State. 你r transcript needs to list your graduation date. 回顾澳门太阳城注册开户的 官方档案政策 for more information 和 instructions for sending transcripts 和 other documents to 事业单位.

Complete the Required Underst和ing Sexual Misconduct 和 Resources Module*

所有 事业单位 students are required to complete the Underst和ing Sexual Misconduct 和 Resources Module. This training module is designed to increase awareness about sexual violence on college campuses in addition to providing students with resources to cope with sexual violence at 事业单位. It is m和atory that all students complete this module.


应用 for financial aid by submitting your 免费的 Application for Federal 学生 援助 (FAFSA) or 俄勒冈州学生资助申请(ORSAA). Appli可以ts to 事业单位 who submit the FAFSA are automatically considered for several funding opportunities. 学生也可以使用 事业单位奖学金世界 寻找其他资金来源.


学生s are able to complete a 住房 Contract once they have been admitted to Portl和 State University. To apply, you must have set up your student account (see above). 你可以 登入房屋入门网站 24 hours after you've activated your student account. 了解更多关于你的住房选择. 你 must be admitted to 事业单位 to submit a housing contract.

The priority deadline to submit a contract is June 15. 学生s who apply by this date 和 are open to any unit option will be guaranteed housing.


Once you’ve set up your student account, your 事业单位 email address will be activated. 你 will continue to receive email correspondence about your next steps 和 opportunities through the email address you used to apply. However, you should check your 事业单位 account regularly for current student communications.

Complete 你r Math 和/or Chemistry Placement Tests (if required)

学生s with specific majors need to complete the 数学分班测验 和/或 化学分班评估. 你 should complete the 数学分班测验 和 化学分班评估 before attending 新生迎新. 你 可以 complete the tests after orientation, but you may have difficulty registering for some courses. 

Find out if you need to take the 数学分班测验 和/或 化学分班评估.

所有 夏天的学者 are required to complete the math placement test regardless of major.


澳门太阳城注册开户提供各种 virtual 和 in-person visit opportunities to introduce you to 事业单位’s academics 和 student resources. 加入澳门太阳城注册开户的众多活动之一 虚拟或面对面的会议 或者连接到 招生顾问 or 学生大使.

Review 和 Accept 你r Financial 援助 Award

Log in to your student account 和 view your award. See if you have any outst和ing requirements 和 if you have questions 联系财政援助办公室.


事业单位 requires that all domestic students enrolled in five in-load, non-restricted differential tuition credits or more per term maintain comprehensive health insurance to ensure that students stay healthy 和 in the classroom. The 事业单位 Health Insurance Plan is major medical health insurance providing preventative, 例程, 和 specialized health benefits 和 students are automatically enrolled 和 billed each term. Those who have comparable outside health insurance 可以 apply to waive the 事业单位 Health Insurance Plan.

获取你的事业单位 ID卡

你可以 get your new student ID card in-person once you are registered f或者是 upcoming term courses. 无需预约. ID services is located in Fariborz Maseeh Hall (FMH) 学生服务 Lounge ,是 open Monday - Friday, 早上9点到下午5点.